Replicating the Human 🕊

Inspired by Google I/O ‘18, Replicating the Human is a fictitious symposium centered around A.I. and its direction towards becoming more human-like. Three triptychs—nine individual posters—were created for the event. Each individual piece measures 24”x36”, totaling to a 6 foot long image.

What I listened to:

In the first series of posters, human skin is juxtaposed against John Conway’s Game of Life—a simple “game” conceived in 1970. The next set explores value, cognition, and consciousness—three humanist qualities A.I. lacks. The final set considers our handwriting as one of our most telling traits. This series looks at three key characteristics: varying baselines, erratic left indents, and line curvatures created by our wrist. To truly make artificial intelligence less artificial, A.I. has to be based on us, and ultimately, replicate the human.